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Advisory Services from Oculus Realty, LLC

As a real estate investor or a generational owner of a multifamily property in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, you are constantly looking for ways to maximize the revenue generated by your properties. In order for your property to reach its full investment potential, you need an experienced advisor to guide you.

At Oculus Realty, LLC, we possess the knowledge and experience to create value through operations. Through our advisory services, our DC metro property management firm can steer you through the uncertainties of the real estate market and increase the net operating income of your investment.

Property Management Consulting Services

Are you unhappy with the current management of your property? You may feel as though your current property manager is stuck in a rut; not allowing your property to evolve and improve its revenue potential. Like much of the property they manage, the legacy providers have experienced functional obsolescence.

Oculus Realty, LLC was established to offer investors and generational owners of multifamily property in Washington, DC an alternative to the long-established third party management providers.

In order to help you create value through operations, we offer advisory services including:

  • Operational audits: Through a detailed audit of the operations of your multifamily property, we can find ways to streamline processes, while maintaining strong customer service to your residents.
  • Customized training: We believe in a bottom-up approach to staffing. The most important people in your company are the ones who interact with your residents on a daily basis. Through customized training, we can create a culture of performance and create value to your property.
  • Operating manual development: By having clearly defined duties, tasks, and requirements for each position and component of your operations, you will be able to work more efficiently and reduce redundancy.
  • Special projects: Not every need falls into a clearly defined category. If you need assistance in another area of your property management, we can tailor a project to your needs.

Whether you are looking for a new property management company or just looking for fresh ideas, Oculus Realty, LLC is the solution for you. Our new perspectives and use of technology in the District’s rental market can revitalize your rental property and improve your net operating income.

Project Management

Although your building’s physical life may last hundreds of years, its economic life may end well in advance of its physical life. Buildings become functionally obsolete for their original, causing your investment to lose value.

As part of its property management services – or as a separate project – Oculus Realty, LLC will provide and update your asset’s ongoing capital plan and will assist you with the proper renovations.

The team at Oculus Realty, LLC is experienced in the management of large capital projects and can oversee any forthcoming projects.  Our services include:

  • Design review
  • Contract bidding and negotiation
  • Project oversight
  • Site and building control
  • Construction monitoring
  • Other administrative tasks, including insurance, payment processing and lien releases

Acquisition Services

Investing in a new property has numerous variables, any of which could turn a sound investment into a bad deal. Drawing on the extensive experience of our CEO, K. David Meit, CPM®, Oculus Realty, LLC is able to scrutinize each aspect of a potential acquisition.

If you are currently looking to acquire new property, our DC metro firm can provide you with a full range of investment analysis, including:
Deal evaluation

Don’t let a hidden detail ruin your real estate investment. Trust Oculus Realty, LLC to analyze your potential acquisition first.

Acquisition Due Diligence

Entering into a purchase agreement does not end your need to evaluate the terms of your acquisition. Missed details could negatively affect the value of your investment. Oculus Realty, LLC can perform detailed acquisition due diligence, including:

  • Property inspections and analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Closing services

Learn More about How Our Consulting Services Can Help You

With extensive experience in the Washington, DC metro real estate community, our property management firm can provide valuable insight into the management of your rental community in the District of Columbia, Montgomery County or Prince George’s County.

If you are managing your own property and need assistance with creating the maximum return on your investment, or if you are unhappy with your current property management provider, contact Oculus Realty, LLC. We can discuss which advisory services would best suit your specific needs.

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