Service Request – Using Technology to Better Serve You

No matter how well Oculus Realty, LLC maintains its apartments, natural wear and tear occurs and maintenance is needed. However, you should not have to wait an extended period of time to have your home in optimal working condition. To better serve you, we offer online service requests. Also, review the Preventive Maintenance section below to see how Oculus Realty, LLC helps reduce your need for service requests.

Please submit your request below and a member of the property management staff will contact you about your service needs. If this is a service emergency (i.e. extensive plumbing issues or problem that threatens your life or safety), please immediately contact us using our 24/7 service number at 866-9-OCULUS (866-962-8587).

Reducing Future Hassles with Preventive Maintenance

When something breaks in your home, it can become a large inconvenience. To help avoid these headaches Oculus Realty, LLC performs Daylight Savings Time (DST) inspections of all of our apartment homes in the Washington DC metro area including Northern Virginia and Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties in Maryland. These routine inspections – conducted twice a year around the start and stop of Daylight Savings Time – allow us to inspect your home to spot potential issues and correct them before they become a problem for you.

Also, our staff has been trained to check your apartment home for any impending breakdowns or other problems during each service request. By spotting and fixing issues before they become problems, we can save you the headache and urgency of emergency service requests.

Important Note about Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors can save your life! Although we check smoke detectors when we complete a service request and biannual DST inspections, it is your responsibility to ensure that your smoke detectors are always properly working. Please do not jeopardize your life or the life of your family and neighbors, report non-working smoke detectors to your management team as soon as possible. This simple task can save lives.

For more information please visit the United States Fire Administration website.